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Olympus Trip 35 Vintage 35mm Film Camera - Teal Green | Tested & Fully Refurbished | 100 Day Guarantee

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 The Iconic Olympus Trip 35 Vintage Film Camera

A point and shoot perfectly capturing the retro vibe with its beautiful design from the 60s, this elegant 35mm film camera is portable and packs a punch. Equipped with a very sharp 40mm f/2.8 lens, automatic settings and an accurate solar powered metering system, you can capture stunning photos with ease.

Key Olympus Trip 35 Features: Easy-to-use Focus Settings, Automatic Exposure Settings and No Batteries Required, Ever!

Each and every camera sold is rigorously tested and cleaned before being sent to our customers. Through this you can be confident that the camera will be in 100% working order as soon as it is unwrapped.

The camera will also come with complete how-to guides included.

Features of all RetroCameraFix Film Cameras: 100 Day Guarantee, 1 Tree Planted and New Light Seals

Its compact size makes it a great travel companion, and its durable build ensures it can withstand any adventure. Say goodbye to disposable cameras or digital filters and experience the nostalgia of film photography with the vintage Olympus Trip 35!

12 unique custom leather colours now in stock.

--- How the camera condition is graded ---

We choose our Olympus Trip 35 stock carefully so that they are all in good condition, but the cosmetic condition option for the camera is split into three different categories within this:

A "Near Mint +" camera will look almost new; it may have a few superficial signs of use or age (Top 1/3rd of stock).

A "Very Good" camera will also look nice but it will have more signs of wear such as worn down paint and small scratches on the metal (Middle 1/3rd of stock).

An "Average" camera will have more severe signs of wear/use such as deeper scratches, black specs and more obvious blemishes (Bottom 1/3rd of stock).

The base of the camera, owing to being around 40 years old, will be more likely to have some signs of use/small scratches.

None of the cosmetic defects will have an impact on the mechanical working or functionality of the camera.

The camera featured in the listing is an example of a mint condition camera.

Lens caps and straps may be replaced with new versions depending on stock levels, please add a note to RCF if you have any specific requests.

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